Bail Bond Info

Below you will find bail bond info to give you a better understanding of bail bonds. If you have any questions or concerns with this bail bond information feel free to give us a call anytime.

How Bail Bonds work:

Bail is needed when an individual is arrested or charged for a crime. That defendant will be taken to the local Police or Sheriffs department for booking and processing. Once booked and processed, the defendant has several options regarding bail for the pending case. The bail amount is set by the Judge of the local court to guarantee the defendant will appear on all court appearances until the conclusion of the case. This means until the defendant is found guilty or not guilty and throughout the process of sentencing. There 3 types of bail bonds the Judge will set:

Surety Bond: A Surety bond must be done with a professional bail bond agent. All of our professional bail bond agents are licensed in the State of Missouri. This bond will cost 10-20% of the full bond amount depending on the degree of the charge. For example : A Felony charge with a $10,000 bond will require a 10% fee of $1,000 while a Misdemeanor charge with a $1000 bond will require a 20% fee of $200.

Cash Bond: A cash only bond must be paid in full cash. A bail bond agent cannot help you with this type of bond. The jail or court will only accept cash for the full bond amount in exact change. The cash that is paid will be completely credited to this case after a resolution in the case is reached.

ROR Bond: No money is involved with an ROR bond. It is the same as receiving a summons or simple traffic ticket. The defendant will simply be processed and released with a court date.